AiRBOX, your best marketing tool.

 First of first, digital signage becomes much more trending these days. It aims to present custom-tailored contents, including product promotions and upcoming events…etc. When you walk on the streets, they’re almost everywhere. These digital signages can be mounted on walls, ceilings, shelving systems, or aisle endcaps, or integrated into freestanding displays and kiosks. Crowd are easily attracted to digital signs and watch Ads in them. Company will use it in a wide variety of applications ranging from targeted retail advertising to internal employee communications and remote training to maximize its profit.

 AiRBOX is a combination of artificial intelligence and automatic rotation technology. We’ve added artificial intelligence to collect customers’ purchasing behavior and data, which will help decision maker or content creator to make Smart Strategy. Plus, AiRBOX enables common digital signage to rotate. From children to adults, no one can’t resist moving objects. They may not differentiate 2K and 4K immediately, but they know at once between static and dynamic digital signage. Once this rotating digital signage becomes the center of attention, it’s easier to promote custom-tailored contents and products and leaves impression on spectators. 




Come to See Product News

Recently, IoT (The Internet of Things) has been brought up by professors and professionals. It means the inter-networking of physical devices, vehicles, buildings, and other items embedded with electronics, software, sensors, rotating modules, and network connectivity which enable these objects to collect and exchange data.


iCloud Digital Signage


iCloud digital signage supports Full HD 1080p resolution and integrates cloud computing technology. It can display AV contents and transmit data beyond distance. With the drag-and-drop design and a wide variety of versions (one can embed film / picture / marquee / web), it provides intuitive and user-friendly using experiences and gives your AV content an vivid, intriguing, eye-catching touch.

IoT and AI Technology


In recent years, with the prevalence of IoT and AI, the digital signage becomes the best solution in terms of promoting company’s image, product sales and efficient digital marketing. Since 2005, t-WIN has been excelling in Custom IC/System design and total AV solution. Based on the solid technical background, t-WIN provides one-stop-shopping AV solution.



iSPEAKER adopts Daisy Chain Topology, supports HDMI 1080p, and extends distance up to 100M. With HDMI over IP, it can transfer audio/visual、IR、USB and signal of RS-232.

With the cleverest and brightest approach, iSPEAKER exerts its amazing functions. It features Full HD, efficient message transmission, AV transmission of long distance, AV surveillance and AV display.

The exquisite iSPEAKER can add a new touch to any space. It can be used in occasions such as conference, business event, tutorial session, audio/video classroom, and occupational training…etc.

With the Internet, iSpeak transmits AV message beyond distance. We simplify the installation process of iSpeak and make it adapt to occassion of all kinds. It supports one to one, one to many and many to many.

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